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                             THE PALLET PEOPLE

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When exporting wooden pallets, heat treatment to the international ISPM15 standard is legally required to prevent the spread of wood boring insects across borders - a risk to forestry and woodland across the world.

The ISPM15 Standard for Phytosanitary Measures requires that pallets for export are treated to kill any wood borne pests.

Treatment to this standard is required when exporting to most industrial countries including, North America, Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

The most widely used method used to comply with ISPM15 is heat treatment. This is achieved by maintaining the constant core temperature of pallets or wood packaging at 56 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The heat treatment facility can treat pallets, plus a whole range of timber products that require ISPM15 compliance – i.e. crates, wood packaging, boxes – just about anything made of timber.

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                                                                            BRANDING AND STENCILING

WE offer a branding service where we burn a company logo onto each individual pallet for identification or advertising. This is done during the manufacturing process with each pallet being branded at the end of the production line using your designed logo.


Stenciling is also available but unlike the Branding process this is done using stencils and paint but is usually just a company name.

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